symbol already defined

How to fix in pawno : if I added
and compile it says symbol already defined , how to fix this ?

U have the code already.

Are you using it in OnPlayerConnect?

Originally Posted by Onfroi
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Are you using it in OnPlayerConnect?
No, he's obviously not...

You must use it in a body. If you don't know what a body is, learn how to code.

So basically, as Onfroi said, RemoveBuildingForPlayer is typically used in OnPlayerConnect. Here is how:
pawn Код:
// Specify the callback's name, it's already forwarded for you in
public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)
{ // Start a body
    //Remove the building
    RemoveBuildingForPlayer(playerid, bleh....);
    //return 1 in OnPlayerConnect
    return 1;
} // End the body

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