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Hello I got something into my script I don't know how to edit the scripter added it and i want to remove it since I want to check on my old account's password
Hash Example:

Gl on that, firstly you need to find out what encryption, and then if they added a salt to it, it makes it even harder. Also I don't quite understand what you're asking either

it's WP_Hash help me

The idea of Hashing passwords is to prevent anyone from reading them. That hash looks fairly strong so its a one way only, there is no way reversing it (no mater what anyone say).

You clearly don't understand the point of hashing...

If there was a way to decrypt this, what would be the point of hashing? You should NOT remove the hashing from your server, and if you do you better tell all of your players that your server is insecure. You would be leaving all of your player's personal passwords up for grabs to hackers.

Remind me in the future to NEVER come in your server.

Like guys said above. Why would you hash password if you want to read it?? I totally don't understand

Nope, not interested in helping a 10y/o kid who wants to know people's password.
if you want to give people their accounts back, create a new pass generator.

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