Best way to group nodes into individual roads

Hi, I'm trying to make a script that would probably use the GPS plugin's "GetNearestNode" function to get the nearest node, and translate it into a custom road / street name that will appear on a text draw.

From what I've read about nodes and from looking at node maps, there are many nodes per road, most of them incremented by 1, but there are some that aren't incremented by 1.

If ALL nodes were incremented by 1, I could just do an array of node ranges to define the roads. But since this appears to not be the case from what I see on gamer_z's map of node ids...

Is there ANY easier way to do this? Because currently the only way I can think of is to manually enter node ids into an array and assign them road names, but that would be a very long and daunting task.

Advice is much appreciated.


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