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Hey guys -.. Im making a server (Fort Carson Roleplay). I am wondering if Fort Carson would be a good place to make it? I am going to host it soon with web host and everything, I just need a mapper/Co-owner to join me to help me take care of it ? Would you guys think Fort Carson or Angel Pine?

All depends on how much you can put in that area to make it appealing.

I don't think players really care too much where they're playing, it's more about what they are playing.

I've seen a lot of Fort Carson roleplays fail, not sure if it was because of the location or just the lack of content, but I would change things up if I were you and go with Angel Pine.

You'll have to make a big impression on players with either map, new county servers don't last long. Only Red County Roleplay has managed to make it far with their selection; at least from what I've seen.

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