[FilterScript] [JOB] Player Modding

Well its simple, it allows players to create modifications for certain vehicles and install them. So far you can make 1 component and carry only 1 at you. I plan to extend this system significantly and remove the usage of modding shops.

How it works

:Server sided:
-Every 10 minutes, the price will go either up or down aka it will change. The price is a float meaning it can go anywhere from 1.00 to 5.00

:Player sided:
-Player can purchase and carry max 500 car parts on him
-Once the player has parts he can go to the mechanic shop type /createmod which will open up a dialog where he will be able to pick what he wants to create
-Once he picks a mod, it will tell the player how long he has to wait for it to finish. The time can take anywhere from 120 to 900 seconds (2 to 15 minutes). Time is entirely random
-After the time player will go to the shop and see if their mod is done or not. If its done, you can type /getmod and receive modification you are creating
-Once you have the mod, you can enter any vehicle and type /installmod which will give you a dialog to pick what modification you want to install.
Note: You can type /parthelp to view all commands and also type /modtimeleft to see how much longer you need to wait for the mod to be created
Note 2: To see where you can buy the parts, look at the screenshots!

:Skill upgrade:
Your skill affect how much parts cost. There is a percentage tax depending on your skill. When you buy parts it will up the price by X percent. Each time you install a mod your skill points will be added.
Skill 1: 0 - 20 installed parts -- 10% tax
Skill 2: 21 - 50 installed parts-- 8% tax
Skill 3: 51 - 100 installed parts-- 6% tax
Skill 4: 101 - 250 installed parts-- 4% tax
Skill 5: 251 - 500 installed parts -- 2% tax
Skill 6: 501 - 9999 installed parts -- 0% tax
Example: If you are skill 1 and you buy 10 parts for 100. Instead of paying 100 you will pay 110$ (10% tax)

Y_Less for sscanf and many other things!
Zeex for ZCMD
Twinki for scripting

Add filterscripts SAMP_v2 into your server.cfg & Filterscript folder
Download & add plugin sscanf2 into your plugins folder. Also edit samp.config and add line "plugins sscanf". Also get sscanf2 include and add it into your Pawno/include folder. You can download it at: https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.php?tid=602923

v.1.0: http://www.filedropper.com/showdownload.php/gamemodes_1
v.1.0: http://pastebin.com/fap5YBXY

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