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Well basically I am working on this script and I really wanted to get done with it asap but this weird error just popped out of the blue or actually let's say I just wasn't noticing it. So basically people can own houses normally but the thing is , the server or the script ofc just randomly gives any one who registers 2 house ID's in his profile like if he uses /stats he'd find himself owning House1: Random ID and house2: random ID aswell.. so how to stop that It's just frustrating he's not supposed to own anything as a new registered user.. houses database is stored in a .cfg file in the script files if that would do any help but I really don't know what I fucked up there inorder for this not to work correctly as it should.

Ugh, nvm I turned some of my laziness into time and got this fixed myself, thanks alot for who ever viewed the topic or thought about something.

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