The Death of Juliet - Alternative/Metal/Rock Band From Tucson, AZ

Hey whats up guys, long time no see! Some of you may know me from a long time ago. I've always been supporting my support to all my fellow friend who made it a cool experience for me when I first joined San Andreas multiplayer, then I figured out. "Hey if they have a SA-MP for San Andreas they've GOT to have a VC-MP" And they DID! So I'm coming back to inform you people about this band that I feel may take off very soon! HELL, I may travel to your country to play a concert!

If you like all kinds of music you should definitely check out my metal rock band that plays all kinds of genres! But mainly rock & metal haha! Give us a listen, it would be most appreciated! Thanks - Kittrell

Band: The Death of Juliet
Album Release: Farewell My Lady Capulet / Suicidal Sacrifices

Reverbnation -
******** - www.********.com/TheForgotten2.0

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