Question about ownership

Okay, say imagine

Source started working on his script in 2010.
Source comes up with the name, and everything to do with the script.
Source hosts using free hosting services then one day Judas comes along.
Judas and Source agree for Judas to host the server together using everything from Source.
Source scripts and does mostly everything when it comes to the script because Source CBA to learn about hosts (dedis, vps, etc) and linux etc.
Judas only handles the website and administrates.
Judas only has access to the server so Source sends amx file through emails.
In less than a year, Source can't handle Judas's bullshit and breaks off and finds Savior.
Savior and Source agree change Savior's script and host Source's script together.
Savior goes inactive and Source takes over everything, learns about servers and does everything on his own.
*NB*: The script has never changed after all of this, noone else ever gained access to it.
Source still continues to run the server up to this day.
Judas was never advertised as the owner of the server. It was always advertised as Source.
Judas comes back 4 years later hosting some script that has nothing to do with Source's script and is totally different.. claims ownership of the past server Source and Judas ran, showing pictures of Source's script and everything and ignores all messages from Source about it.

Who 'owns' and or can claim 'ownership' of the past 'server'?

Judas can only claim ownership on the server since Source only supplied the script.

Source owns the script, Judas owns nothing.

Neither of them, you cant own a PAWN script. Plus Judas only has AMX access so it doesn't really matter as he won't be able to change anything.

judas? sounds like a jew needs some crucifying

If he only has the .amx I can't see why to think about this but your script is never safe in other hands unless you live close to each other

Ignore all that, the point is him coming back now and claiming everything about the old server.

Both Judas and Sorce.

Source considering he / she spent time coding it.

Source real mvp, juda just cunt

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