Lackwood Mafia Roleplay [REFUNDING]

Server Information:-
  • Server Name: Lackwood Mafia Roleplay
  • Server IP:
  • Server Slots: 100
  • Peak Players: 50
  • Forum:
  • Based: Los Santos
  • SA-MP Version: 0.3.7 R2

Who Are WE?
  • We are a community who strive to be the best and success, we are promising to make all the efforts to bring our players Game experience, our goal is to grow up and make the server success, we're currently adding new systems to our server, which means server will get better by the days.

  • LW:RP Is completly a dynamic script, which is currently *NOT COMPLETED AT ALL*, we are working on the script every day to get our game experience higher.
  • We've a lot of features in our server, we won't list them here because we want you, to check it yourself, to Experience it.
Why to choose us?
  • First of all, we have an experienced Administrators team, We all have a goal, to make this server grow up, we're currently looking for Helpers.
  • Our server Mainly composed of Unique faction system which consist of Paychecks, Tier's, Fcars, and dynamic rank system.
    Also, we have Unique Car dealperships, which consist of the most vehicles on the game, some vehicles require donation to own them, like Patriot, Luxury Planes, Stunt planes, etc.
Why to choose us?
  • Also, we have a special House system, you can freely change it's interior, also, to add "Heal" system which grants you to fill up your Health and armour.

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