How to set a field value null in sqllite?

Hello Fellas how can i do that ^^ hmm take an example if a vip player can have alterate name so the db field is null in default but when the player uses a function in the gm it(alt name) will get in that field and now (this is prob) i guess i made a function to remove this altname and player used and i wanted the field to be back to null how can i do that what value should i add in
PHP код:
format(query,sizeof(query),"UPDATE data SET AltName = "here what value should i add to make it null" WHERE username = '%s'",DB_Escape(name)); 

sorry for bump i need it quicker

No one knows?

Just set it to NULL and that's all you need.

SET `column`=NULL (without quotes)

Thank very much +rep

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