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After several months of development, Vitality Gaming is in full effect! With active members and active staff, we strive to deliver a powerful and fun experience to each one of our players. We have many advanced systems within our script with tons of custom commands for major flexibility when roleplaying.
As a Medium-High roleplaying server, we DO stand by our ground of rules and we DO deliver swift justice within our system, allowing players to enjoy their time here regardless of the havoc the factions cause within the Los Santos streets.

On Vitality Roleplay, we offer you a variety of great and unique features which are realistic in every way.
Here's a short content of the features but there's much more features on the server that you'll have to check out yourself.

- Unique Inventory System
- Unique Weapon System
- Unique Factions System
- Custom Damage System
- High quality vehicle system
- Custom Modding Garage
- Refined Job System
- Elite Trunk System
- Refined Drugs System
- Custom Mappings
- House & Business system
- Much much more that you'll have to check out by joining and checking out yourself!

Server Trailer by Dizz Nicca™! Click Me!

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