GANGFORT - check this game I made

Hi guys,

so it's finally released. It's still a quite an early version, so it might have a few minor bugs here and there.

  • 9 different characters to play with:
    • Rusher
    • Builder
    • Torcher
    • Yash
    • Marine
    • Mass
    • Dealer
    • Agent
    • Camper
  • Multiplayer
  • Singleplayer - play with bots controlled by artificial intelligence
  • Cute graphics
  • Nice sounds
  • Leaderboards and achievements
  • Lightweight and optimised. Android takes up only 15MB, iOS takes up less than 50MB(due to RoboVM's binaries)
  • 2 team based objective modes:
    • "Grab The Spot" and don't let enemies steal it from you
    • "Roll the bomb" into the enemies' base
****** Play: https://play.******.com/store/apps/

Want to find out news first? Follow us on:
******** - https://*******/gangfort
******* - https://*******.com/gangfortgame or @gangfortgame


Not bad at all bro, keep doing what you love.

$2 for this game?
No thanks , good luck anyways with the game.

Originally Posted by Wizzard2H
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$2 for this game?
No thanks , good luck anyways with the game.
Haha. This actually made me laugh a little bit.
Anyway, check your inbox.

Make it a Free to play if you want players because this isn't worth any cost according to a buyer's point of view. You can instead ask for donations and in return offer more unlocks and interesting special features.

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