Restricting game objects?

Hi guys.
I'm having a problem here: theres an object that appears in some house ints that is creating errors and then some furniture just vanish. The object is the id 2854 ( and i would like to remove the object from all locations on the game. Is that possible? if it is could you tell me how to do it?
I would apreciate if u guys could help me


Use RemoveBuildingForPlayer in OnPlayerConnect. Set the coordinates to 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 and the radius to at least 4250. That will remove that model ID everywhere on the map.

You can try using RemoveBuildingForPlayer from the center of the map with radius 4243 (Pythagorean theorem to include the whole map).

Edit: ^ faster.

Thanks guys. +REP u both

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