Evolved Gaming | Newly Established | Unique Features | Active Staff / Devs

Evolved Gaming Medium Roleplay Server
Website: www.evolvedgaming.org
We're all about roleplay, we endorse all types and you're always able to speak to our admins
if anything is bothering you.
The server is located in Red County, being based in Red County makes it easier to RP with eachother and
our economy is easy to get used to and won't be in your way.
We also handpick our admins and make sure they won't abuse their powers in any way.
Also this is not a randomly downloaded script, we've modified this alot.

This server is still being fully developed and we're listening to the community what it wants!
If you join us always feel free to give us your opinion and suggestions!

We have alot of jobs and they all earn different amounts hourly and also have different scripting.

Street Sweeper
- Clean the streets of Palomino Creek for minimum pay, easy to do.

- Deliver supplies from a local Blueberry farm to the dock of Los Santos, this is a high paying job
but the boss won't like if his truck gets scratched.

- High hourly pay, fix people's vehicles for a fee with some engine parts.

Arms Dealer
- Do material runs, collecting materials to craft weapons some higher grade weapons require you
to use a workbench in your home, this also makes it alot more realistic.

Taxi Driver
- Bring people around Red County for a payment you'll have to get your own transport though! Really fun
job if you enjoy doing passive RP.

- All shops need their supplies restocked, this is up to you to do.

- This is currently the only group open for people to join, it is highly developed and has a good
structure, if you want to join the RCSD you have to be professional.

Other groups will open if the playerbase increases.

You can create your own factions, it has a one time creation fee so the database doesn't get clogged up.
You can also upgrade your faction to be able to invite more people and add more cars to your faction.

Want to become a big drug smuggler? Buy a house and start creating cocaine, or find a place to start growing weed.
You can sell this for a small profit back to the Pharmacy, but it's more profitable to sell them to other players.

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