Incognito Streamer CreateDynamicCP

PHP код:
#define MAX_CP 35
#define CPSize 1.4
new Checkpoint[MAX_CP];
Checkpoint[0]= CreateDynamicCP(2070.5959,-1928.3036,1912.3145,CPSize);
Checkpoint[1]= CreateDynamicCP(2057.1709,-1925.1051,1912.3145,CPSize);
Checkpoint[2]= CreateDynamicCP(248.4305,1783.4719,701.0859,CPSize);
Checkpoint[3]= CreateDynamicCP(252.3302,1779.2230,701.0859,CPSize);
blah blah
return 1;

But When DynamicCP created it's always too low (my map are custom maps) so it's on original map even I try to move up Z Axis its still on ground if I added too high its show me nothing

Note* : I've updated Streamer To Lastest Version Compile with no error and problems even change version still same
Anyone can fix ? Thank you in Advance ^^

In my testing experience, the checkpoints couldn't be placed on objects properly (except the race checkpoints).

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