Insanity Roleplay - Continuing where MXRP left off

"Carrying on where Maximum Roleplay left off..."

Alex Valdez and Richard Smith were the original owners of Insanity Roleplay. When it closed in late 2011/early 2012, a lot of legendary players quit. However, when MXRP opened in 2013, a lot of them came back. MXRP closed in 2015 and now we are trying to revive it, under the old name of Insanity Roleplay. With Mr.Leppi and Reeves as the Community Directors, we are using the classic MXRP script and invite all the old players to come back! Old School and refunds can be given if you of course have evidence!

SA:MP: | (
TS: | (

  • Dynamic Groups (Organisations/Gangs)
  • Refund Packages (GVIP - 25k, SVIP - 50k, BVIP - 100K)
  • Business System!
  • Dynamic Houses
  • Active and Mature Administrators
  • Working forums and stable Teamspeak 3
  • Refunds from MXRP, INSRP or VLRP!
  • Drugs and Crates System

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