Help! Starting a new roleplay server!

Hi, I need all sifu who can help me step by step. I wanted to create my own script mean i want to start a rp server with my own gamemode and plugin without using other ppl script. I hope u can add me on skype and teach me step by step. if u cant then nvm because i know this is really wasting ppl time and i dont wanna do that.
So i have downloaded the server file and deleted the original gamemode and plugin and already modified the server.cfg. wat should i do now? if u are willing to teach me pls pm me

Use, it got everything you need.

There's lots of tutorials out there buddy, i'm sure they're useful and it will get you everything you need.

You can not create gamemode without using others stuff, like Plugins, Includes and/or their system's Snippets. Learning Pawn (not Pawno) is easy, all you have to do it learn proper English, SA-MP functions, SA-MP callbacks and take some look at the released scripts.

I have learned PAWN in 48 hours, became better in the next 96 hours and now I can script a gamemode from scratch.

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