WWW.REBORN-DM.COM (Derby, TDM, HungerGames...) : OPENED TODAY AT 9:30pm (GMT +2)

After several months of development, the administration team of Reborn Deathmatch finally reveal their plan. A server where any player join spend good time, where activity will be varied. This is the challenge that the team foresaw from the beginning. The server is of multiple nationalities, and different languages with the main being English and French.

We offer a game mode suitable for our players, whether the language is English or French, it's not a problem, the server will fit your language. This is one of our strong points, the dynamism of languages. Our server will depend entirely depending on the language you choose for your first connection, obviously changeable language via a command directly in game (/ option).

A new concept will make its appearance. We offer you, for opening, a total of 4 worlds that have all a very special game mode. Below is a detailed explanation of EVERY worlds of our server.

Finally, the opening of Reborn Deathmatch is near, indeed the development has already been done for several days at its peak. The administrative team is spending time examining different systems, testing phases, and these, with the sole aim to offer a server with an incomparable quality of play, with the fewest possible bugs.

Our translation system is unique. We are one of the *first servers with this dynamic system. As explained above, when you first log-in in-game, you will be prompted to select your language (changeable via / options). You'll be seeing the language chosen.

Messages sent in the global chat are viewable only by players who have the same language as your and administrators. The language of a player is visible in these statistics (/ stats PlayerID / PlayerName).

As explained above, The server consists of 4 worlds. After you log-in, you will be seeing a graphical menu.

Hunger Games: This game mode is based on the Survival, also known as "Legends". By joining this game mode, you will be put in a waiting room (2 players required) and a random map will be loaded with objects on it. You will be teleported once map is generated and then, the game will begin.
The goal is simple, you must be the last survivor. For that, go in search of objects that will help you survive: bandages, medkit, arms, ammunition, backpacks and many others which will be of great assistance.
The surviving part of the win experience points and money. The game lasts for at least 20 minutes, after this time limit, a new map will be generated.

Derby: One of the most popular game modes in many servers, the famous derby. This is Reborn on a separate game mode, you can reach it and a map will be generated if the requirements are met. The last survivor will win money and experience points.

SafeZone: Some know are working, some not. This world will allow you to access different mini games through our server such as duels, the arenas, the interaction between clans, set talents, join an event, etc ... It is also a zone, as the name suggests "rest" which will allow you to safely AFK without fear of being killed.

WarZone: The WarZone world's most important, this is where most of the players are grouped together and this is where you can make the most of it. Many events are put at your disposal in this area such as cargo, robberies or even wanted! Come and challenge your friends with your special talents by returning hits, becoming invincible, having the nitro on your car, and much more.

Reborn DM opened the Friday 22 April at 9:30pm, stay tuned on our different social media platforms.


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