Help with SAMP recording

(( posting for my friend ))

One of my friend want to record game screen (( SAMP ofc )) . He can record all other games but not samp (( gtasa.exe too)) . Only Fraps work but that sucks tho.

Some method were used :

1. Downgrading the gtasa.exe also with upgrading
2. Installing lower version of bandicam.
3. Installed latest drivers of graphics.
4. Reinstalled samp and game.

******d many times but not found any solution.
Now only you can help me and my friend (( mine one is working properly, but not his one))

Did you guys even try recording with OBS or shadowplay (if he has nvidia)?

Does he have nVidia card?

if so, enable Desktop Capture in Shadowplay in nVidia Experience

OBS should work fine for recording sa-mp

He is using Intel G31 extream chipset graphics.

Use OBS.

I use this one.

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