[Ban System]Kick vs Ban

Hello guys, I would like to ask: what's the better option for banning players?
Kick: I can put a variable to their save files, and when they connect, they will be automatically be kicked from the server. But, it would only ban their current username.
Ban: Bans the whole IP address, but, how do I create a system that deletes the username in samp.ban file by adding a command in-game?
I would like to hear your opinions. Thank you!

If I know right - in samp.ban u can store only IP's, not usernames.
and u can do unban staff from game

	if(sscanf(params,"s[32]", params[0])) return SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFFFFFFFF, "/unbanip [IP]");
	new sstring[40];
        format(sstring,40,"unbanip %s",params[0]);
        return true;
but, I think, thats better to kick player. because from 1 ip can play 2 players and if u ban 1, second will be banned too.
Sorry for poor english.
Hope u understood me

You can have both so you have a choice on just banning an account rather than every account associated with an IP, but in my opinion I'd use the ban function since if they're getting banned in the first place you wouldn't want them joining on another account and cause more issues.

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