Free phpmyadmin

Where can I get a free phpmyadmin for my mysql server? I just want it while I test the things..

You can use XAMPP to localhost a MySQL db.

Install Wamp or XAMPP? You'll get it locally with no hassle.

But like iZN said, just use WAMP or XAMPP (I Suggest WAMP as its no setup or configuration at all unless you need some advanced or unusual PHP/Apache stuff)

You can use XAMP. Easy to use and there's tons of tuts on ******* relating this.

The absolute easiest way is to download USBWebServer.

Does not require installation, just open it up and you're ready to go and use your PHPMyAdmin.

Takes up under 30MB and you get everything you need. I honestly have no idea why it isn't more popular - it definitely should be.

that was very hard....

If you need a Free MySQL Database with phpMyAdmin support, then give this a try!

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