Server problem

Hi, I constantly play no problem in game server shuts off solution to this emergency aid

What is the solution to these servers bakarmэsэnэz exactly does this happen? Server IP:

go back and forth

Is it your server or someone elses?

I serve my sampler

Scenario 1 : If it's just you that has the issue, and none of the other users, then it could be your connection. Wifi, or a bad router could cause this.

Scenario 2 : If everyone is being disconnected but the server isn't actually restarting, then it could be the servers network is having a problem.

Scenario 3 : If the server is fully crashing and restarting, it could be a scripting error.

If it is the server crashing (Scenario 3), this might be a case where you could be advised to run crashdetect to find where it is indeed crashing, and why. In there you'll want to look at the source, and read the instructions. Mainly the compiler debug setting section, and where to put it into the plugins line.

[debug] Run time error 4: "Array index out of bounds"
[debug] Accessing element at negative index -1
[debug] AMX backtrace:
[debug] #0 00179a60 in ?? (-1)
[debug] #1 00179998 in ?? (-1, -1)
[debug] #2 00179780 in ?? (0, 2)
[debug] #3 000af754 in public CB_OnPlayerDisconnect (0, 0)
[debug] #4 0002e684 in ?? (0, 0)
[debug] #5 00013308 in public ppb_OnPlayerDisconnect (0, 0)
[debug] #6 0000de08 in public SSCANF_OnPlayerDisconnect (0, 0)
[debug] #7 0000483c in public Itter_OnPlayerDisconnect (0, 0)
[debug] #8 000020ac in public OnPlayerDisconnect (0, 0)

Read the instructions on the compiler debug options that you need to set.

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You can also get more information like line numbers, function names, parameter values, etc if compile that script in debug mode to make compiler put extra information about all that stuff into the output .amx (see here for how)

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