Game mode not launching

So idk where to put this thread it's kinda mixed imo... so I am trying to launch this game mode on my server but damn sadly I need visual c++ 2015 redistributable x86 as streamer plugin and sscanf require to load and inorder to do that I must use windows update but am I guaranteed to get the KB 2999226 in the windows update? cause I did around 2 gb update up so far 1gb separate and the after that checked again and got another 1gb separate and both of them had no KB 2999226 so I am afraid I just won't get it I can't even run samp-server.exe to test my server locally.

Running windows 8.1 Professional if that helps. thanks in advance any tip is appreciated.

ps: installing the KB manually provides an error "not applicable for your computer" which is kinda odd I searched solutions and the only one is windows update. please who ever faced this be kind to offer an advice or a tip here, thanks very much.

And are you sure when you try to install manually that you are choosing the right download for your system?

You can also search on ****** for the latest visual c++ redistributable 2015 package, download it and install that.
No need to wait for a specific Windows Update to be installed.

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