Server port forwarding

So I went along with port forwarding my server and, the results I got were the following:

- Server is online on SACNR monitor
- Server says retrieving info on samp client (although samp-server.exe is running with announce = 1 in server.cfg)

I tried I had all steps done right even the ports checker said I have the ports open (7777) but I type in my external IP address and followed by the port and says retrieving info, why is that?

BIG PS: I only want it for me and my friends so don't go through internet tab and shit.

If you're attempting to connect to your external IP from inside your network, this is normal.

Check the port is open with this

You should be using the internal IP to connect. If that site comes back as a success, then you can pass them that IP, and port for your friends to connect.

Typing "what is my IP" (Minus "s ) in ****** will also show you your external IP as they do change usually.

So apparently, it refused any ports other than 7777 (I was testing out something) but when it comes to the main port (7777) it says it timed out o.o... although on sacnr monitor it detects the server and etc

Nvm thanks I got it to work
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Cross best way to port forward is the router it's self

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