Windows 10 Sa:mp problem

I'm trying to understand how to launch the game through sa:mp cuz i'm clicking the connect button and nothing happens!
i have an x64 win 10 hdd on ssd
The game on sigle player works !

Set/try running sa-mp as admin or change compatibility

change compatibility? what do ya mean by that?
i'm using sa-mp as admin!

Try change compatibility!!

1. Click sa-mp.exe right click
2. select compatibility tab
3. Check box where reads "Run this program in compatibility mode for"
4. You can select from windows 95 to windows 8.

I think this should work good luck

Set compatibility to windows me

Thanks guys sa-mp works , loads the game(finally) but crashes before entering the game!
I think i found on other topic the crash report issue !
Have a nice Weekend

Your problem isn't being solved if you've set Compatibility and yet STILL aren't able to run the game.

Setting compatibility ONLY ever shifts the "issue" to another because of the pure fact, that you aren't fixing the issue, you are solely trying to avoid fixing it.

You have to run it as administrator + change the compatibility.

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You have to run it as administrator + change the compatibility.
Read the thread before posting...

They've messed with the compatibility already and it hasn't fixed it...

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