Simple Life Roleplay 0.3.7

San Andreas Multiplayer:

Our Background

Simple Life Roleplay has been on and off the scene of San Andreas Multiplayer community. The name itself was founded in 2011 as a small roleplay server based on a Godfather game-mode edit. Through the years, several attempts were made to put the server back up. In 2014, the community's own game-mode was scripted from scratch and was again hosted but went down the following year. As of 2016, major updates and additions to the script were made.

Our Purpose

The main goal is to bring back the good old days when everything was just simple and fun but at the same time being updated with all the new features brought to us by San Andreas Multiplayer. We try our best to accommodate every need of our players while maintaining a balanced economy throughout the server.

We aim to prioritize fun and the decency of role playing around San Andreas Multiplayer, hence the quality of role play we offer is dependent to the players that you would come across upon joining us. We do not enforce hardcore role play but should be respected whenever a serious scenario is encountered.

Server Features

We can't say that our script is completely unique compared to other servers and we're proud of that. Everything in the script was made from scratch but were inspired by the different role-play servers that we've been on. So most of the generic commands that all of us are used to may be available, but there are also features that we think only our server has. Most of the things that are essential to a role-play server could be found as well.
  • Registration System

    After creating an account you will be prompted to choose your starting character. There are three choices with different starting packages and spawn points. This is made attractive by the text-draws used.

  • Event system

    The admins of the server are able to host events in-game using commands, they're already part of the script. An admin can host a deathmatch, team-deathmatch, racing, or the newly added "find the clown" event.

  • Custom mapping

    Most of the interiors used were mapped exclusively for the server, this includes a new look for the LSPD, FBI, Agency, Hospital, and Bank interiors. And we're not stopping there, we look forward to mapping a lot more.

  • Factions and Gangs

    We must say, we only have a few factions existing on the server but we're definitely adding more once we hit a stable playerbase. As for gangs, slots are created in-game and all of the features are dynamic, this also includes point battles which a lot is very fond of.

  • Ownership

    Players can own unlimited businesses, up to two houses, a dealership, and a number of vehicles. All of which are dynamic and could be controlled with admin and player commands.

  • Available Jobs

    We have a lot of jobs that you can do on the server and for the time being, you're allowed to have two jobs at a time. Most, if not all of these jobs are quite profitable. The jobs are uniquely scripted with their own respective commands.
We are currently looking for faction leaders, community helpers, and beta-testers! Bonus experience and having two jobs at a time are enabled for the first few weeks of the server's opening. Daily updates are done on both the forums and the script. Find out more when you join us in-game and on the forums. See you!

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