Independent Roleplay [HEAVY ROLEPLAY]

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Before you read any further, please be aware that we have a roleplay test that does need knowledge about the server's rules and knowledge about roleplaying.

Your account, your character, your role-play, your dream. IDRP is a quickly growing SA-MP community which has only been on for a couple days (actively). We have a professional administration team who all have a lot of experience behind them, as well a friendly community who always are here to help you along with your game-play.

Independent Roleplay, big or not, it's the home of sharing you best role-play experience and the funniest SA:MP experience, give it a chance and stick on the first time logging in.

Unique custom mappings
We have our own unique mappings which are being added by the Mapping Team, and by the players too later on, if the mapping is qualified enough to be in the game. We also will have voting polls for mappings that the players want to see the most, because it is always about the community. These unique custom mappings cannot be found anywhere else.
Special weapon system

Due to large reports on deathmatch and the 'easy way to gain a weapon' complaint, we've improved and enhanced weapon system to make weapons only available for official factions and from an ammunation (but you must require a weapon license which can be applied for). This reduces deathmatch and the use of weapons, creating better roleplay instead of using combat techniques.

Revision of a whole new drug system

Our unique drug system allows large groups of members such as mafias or organisations to gain the drugs in bulk and then sell them on in bulk for a profit. Or, these bulk items are sold individually to the gangs/gang members on the server and more 'business' or 'slanging' roleplay is created there. You can even plant your own weed and wait for it to grow!
Weapon damage at specific player's place

Instead of the average shooting and attempting to hit precisely via GTA: SA requirements, we have implented a new system which deals damage depending on the players stance or place where he is standing. This gives shootouts a realistic feel to them, along with the police being involved also. Players are then able to go on and roleplay their injuries much more and much more realistically.

Weapon system allows the player to drop the weapon and be seen on the ground, also able to be picked up by a commands

Via commands /dropgun and /pickitem, you're able to drop weapons and later on pick them up to enhance roleplay situations for dealings for example. These weapons are also visible perfectly without any bugs and only disappear on a server restart.

Donator Memberships

Donator Memberships come with three packages; bronze donation, silver donation and gold donation. A part from the average namechange donation, these all come with large amounts of benefits to give you the best advantages in your roleplay. These benefits are a must if you're hoping to stick around the server, and it also keeps the server up and running.

Realistic economy

We have an excellent economy which has the precise and realistic amounts of money needed to buy a certain thing for your needs. A super car doesn't cost 20 millions and you don't get 200k$ from a single route of collecting garbage, our economy works the way it should, realistically.

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