HDD NTFS Partition Zero fill

Probably wrong place but it doesnt hurt to ask. Does anyone know any program that can zero fill NTFS partition? Preferably if its linear and bit bit (or byte by byte as people call it).

Im fine with both windows or any bootable freeware (as long as it can be booted from USB flash drive)

Please dont ask why would i do that or warn me about risks, i know why im doing it. Also i know about DBAN and some similar software but they can only wipe whole HDD not particular NTFS partition.

Someone's trying to selectively wipe their pr0n collection.

I too only know of entire disk wiping. Could be the only real option.

I wish you luck on your endeavors to clear your footprints.



Originally Posted by Kaperstone
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Seems interesting since that is what i need (force my HDD to access every bit and possibly mark every bad sector so its not used)
And a dumb (or not so dumb) question. Free Space - meaning unused (but usable) or unallocated?

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