Help with robbank system

I just looking for some func that can apply animations for actor when player aiming at them. I tried to search and found some actor func of Emmet : But it was deleted , please help me!! P/S: sorry about bad English

Hi, there is nothing to complicate you put a checkpoint and the checkpoint you put animation robber, the ride is play

thanks for your idea, maybe I will use it

No problиm, if you wan't a help call me

You can use ApplyAnimation in order to force a player to do an animation

I believe this is what you were asking

This include is currently developed by Admingo... or so I think

thanks a lot!! Dude!

If you want that type of robbery system you'll have to detect if a player is aiming/stopped aiming at an actor, and do other stuff.

Here's some links to help you get started.

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