Hello Survivor!

Welcome to SA:MP DayZ! the server has been around for some time now, it's had its up and downs over the past few months but it's now back on track.

Here at SA:MP DayZ we strive to give you the best apocalyptic feeling you can get, we fixed been working like crazy lately to make the server feel like the best place for you!

The server is currentley on version 3.9.9 final build, meaning its the final version before the infamous 4.0 which has been getting talked about for some time now.

Here is our server trailer ! CLICK ME


Server IP:
3.9.9 Fixes
- Fixed items duplicating 
- Multiple Vehicles repsawning
- Server Lagging out
- New items
- Changed clan system to dynamic
- Changed staff system to dynamic
- added a clan vehicle system
To come
4.0 Updates
Merchant stall system
Think of it as an open market place, players will be able to rent market stalls and sell there items for a weekly fee.
New website, with a working UCP
New donation features
Unique maps
Multiple Items
Craftable bases (walls, doors, beds, chairs

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