SetPlayerTeam and OnPlayerWeaponShot

Hi folks,

do players who were assigned to the same team using SetPlayerTeam actually see that they've been hit? When returning 0 under OnPlayerWeaponShot, the player receiving the damage does not see that he has been damaged. I was just wondering if those two behave differently in that regard.

Why don't you just test it and see for yourself?

When two players have the same team (excluding NO_TEAM - 255), they cannot inflict damage upon each other by means of melee, bullets, vehicles, heliblades etc. (explosions are very touchy and can still sometimes, but rarely, damage)

OnPlayerWeaponShot on the other hand, only covers weapons that actually fire bullets. If you use the OnPlayerWeaponShot method, team members will still be able to ram, carpark, heliblade, melee and explode each other.

I couldn't get around to do the test on my own, so I asked if someone already did it. I'm aware of the differences in general behavior between the two. I'll post this just in case someone else comes up with the same question: players who are on the same team actually do see the bullets hitting them.

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