Project Afterlife Roleplay, a heavy, post apocalyptic roleplaying community

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Today is the day we open Project Afterlife Roleplay, after a two months of beta testing, scripting and mapping, we have finally decided that our project is ready to be opened for the people of SA-MP. Created by Gecko and Hellman.

What is Project Afterlife?
Project Afterlife is a heavy, post apocalyptic roleplaying community, you play as one of the few survivors that still roams the wasteland that used to be known as San Andreas. The entire map of Los Santos and Red County has been heavily mapped to give it that apocalyptic look. The community was founded in late Febuary and has been under development until this very day.

What makes this different to other roleplaying communities?

First off, you will be roleplaying in an entirely different world, a destroyed land that was eradicated by nuclear warfare. You can build tents, grow your own crops, travel to large settlements, such as Camp Solomon. These settlements are prime areas for roleplay where you can buy properties, trade, buy, sell and just hang around and meet people. Also, there isn't a police department or fire department, the old government of the United States does not exist anymore, we currently have The Republic of New America governing the wasteland with stratocracy, meaning there is no president right now due to the situation the world is in. Join the Military Police Corps and serve the people of the wasteland, or become a bandit and terrorize those that cross your path.

What features does the script have?
We have so many features that it's difficult to name them all here, so why not check it out yourself at our forums? We do weekly updates and will always implement player suggestions that get approved by our community, meaning that you decide what happens to our script. Some of the most important features are our crop system, you can grow all types of vegetables and fruits and consume them, or just trade them with other players. Food is very difficult to come across, so it can make you a decent amount of money. Other than that, players can only use cellphones near radio towers, and those radio towers are located at two main settlements, meaning that if you want to communicate privately with other players through the Republics network, you need to be at Camp Solomon or The Boons.

  • Camp Solomon, the largest settlement that exists in the wasteland, known for being the headquarters of the old Bureau of Defense, Camp Solomon is a peaceful town that offers wastelanders a place to settle down. There are a variety of shops ranging from an armory to a food market. It's famously known for it's giant walls made out of scrap that surrounds the entire camp, protecting it's citizens from bandits and other threats that roam the wasteland. The Military Police Corps are currently operating in this town, using it as their main headquarters.
  • The Boons, the ghetto of the wasteland, the only place that marauders, ghouls and criminals are welcome. The Boons doesn't have much to offer, it's not much of a friendly place, but if you're looking for some work or a cheap place to stay, you should head that way. It's currently being controlled by the Hellscream Marauders, they've been flooding it with narcotics for the past five years, the majority of habitants are drug addicts and criminals.
  • Norlantic, just off of the coast of Santa Maria Beach, the Norlantic is a shipreck that has been turned into one of the largest settlements in the Wasteland, a safe distance from the shore, they transport fish and other seafood to Camp Solomon. Sadly, this ship doesn't welcome entry to everyone as they do not trust outsiders.
  • Epadina, rumours have been spreading across the wasteland about an island that sits a few miles from the shore of Seville, not much is known about this island or who habits it. Maybe it's just a rumour and nothing else?

So what are you waiting for? Come on, start your adventure today at!

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