[New] Project City Roleplay [www.pc-rp.org] [High/Med RP]
Server IP and Teamspeak 3 IP are both the same.
Project City Roleplay is a San Andreas Multiplayer community which was founded on the 2nd of March, 2016.
We operate a great unique place for people to come roleplay together and have fun. The script is based off of South Carolina Roleplay, although has been heavily edited by our scripters, and we have our own unique mappings and ofcourse a great staff team, which is always here to assist you with any kind of queries.
The server is a Medium-High roleplay server, so our players are always roleplaying seriously.

Once you register an account you can create up to 3 characters on it. You can delete and re-create them at any time.
Command /switchchar can be used in-game to switch between your characters at any moment.

Command /help answers to almost all server/script related questions, there's no confusing /jobhelp, /factionhelp and such, they're all in the /help dialog.
If you still have questions you can use /helpme to ask our professional staff.

Inventory system is completely dynamic. You can use/drop/give any item once you click on it.
You can also pick things up from the ground, and they'll be added to your inventory.

Once you take a job you type down /help, then click on Job help and all the commands you need will be shown in a dialog.

- Courier


- Taxi Driver

- Cargo Unloader

- Miner

- Garbage Man

- Package Sorter

- Fisherman

- Pizza Boy

- Drug Dealer

- And Bus Driver

We can proudly say that our server is one of the best customly mapped servers out there, don't believe it? Check it out yourself.

There are various player-made factions and gangs on the server, which you are welcome to join.
Or if you want to make your own faction and think you can handle it, you can go on the forum and create a thread and start roleplaying.

You can use vendors, bars or restaurants to buy yourself drinks or food, by eating or drinking your hunger and thirst will repectively decrease.

Once you buy an item its added to your inventory, if you drink from a bottle you'll gain an empy bottle, and various other things, where you can later drop it on the street, or throw it out in various trashcans on the server, everything is dynamic.

HostName: Project City Roleplay [0.3.7]
Players: 8 / 100
Ping: 44
Mode: PC:RP v0.2
Language: English

Thank you for reading, see ya online!

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