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Project Reality Roleplay (PR-R) is an English - high level role play server. The community has been up since early 2009 with few management changes over the past years. It's been brought back up recently by Dario S & Vik who were previously management members with a lot of experience on PR-RP. The server is based on Los Santos and consists of different type of factions, Police Department, Fire Department, Gangs & LCNs and other brilliant faction types brought by the community. The server has a registration system through the UCP where staff members (helpers and administrators) have to go over your application and either approve or deny it.
The script is based on dynamic systems, such as rental companies, vehicle dealerships, faction creation / removal system and much much more!

Server Information:
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Teamspeak 3:

The script is already up and running but we're making sure to keep it updated on daily basis! We already have a list of features which we are planning to implant in the near future. We have a professional staff team with a lot of previous experience, daily based script updates and of course friendly community! You are able to find all script updates on our forums under the 'Documentation' tab along with recently added features to the script. Below you will be able to see two features which were recently brought into our gamemode.

Fishing System:

Wounds system:

For more information about our script and it's development progress visit the following link:

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