Detect files in client's GTA folder?

Is that possible? ^title^
If not then how people recognize s0biet or other cleo cheats?

Didn't happen ever before I guess.
I remember reading a post years ago abt the same topic and no way was defined

No, nothing like this is possible, Hack detection is either manually by spectating or auto by script.

1 technique that works for a week or so between versions is to check the clients version and deny anything that isn't up to date, but that soon gets past its use very quickly as they update the hacks to handle the new version.

yes you can, using accheck from Khalid: and the player that you accheck must have samp-ac installed by whitetiger

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the player that you accheck must have samp-ac installed by whitetiger
Exactly, SA-MP can't do it, and that requires everyone to install it, which most people won't and they'll just play on another server.

Fact is that the hack detection from various scripts gives enough of a guideline as to whether or not someone is hacking. Making people run extra things on their computer to simply play on one server, isn't really a good solution.

What you could do is suggest that something like this be put on SA-MP itself, but thing is, that mods, would then become a real issue for it.

-Edit- That site even comes back from Chrome as a Malicious site... Hardly reputable.

-Double edit- Trojan reports from checking the files... Good job on that recommendation..... not.

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