SAMP Editor Problems

Hey guys! I have no idea where to post this thread, that's why I'm posting it here instead.

Whenever I try to use SAMP Editor on my DesktopPC the mouse is bugged. It's just living its own life and keeps floating around with out me moving the mouse. And the same thing happens whenever I try to put out an object. It gets really messy and I can't mapp at all when it's doing this. It's working perfectly on my Laptop so I don't really know what the problem is. Can anyone help me?

What "SAMP editor" are you using?

Joysticks and Controllers cause this sort of behavior. Ensure you have their deadzones set correctly.
#3 This one. Where do I fix it?

How bad is it, and have you got any controllers attached to your PC (When you said about the issue, I thought MTA Map Editor as I had that issue last week).

Could you make a video showing it?

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