Impersonation of myself, Emmet_, and more+

Hello SA-MP Forums

Just gonna throw up a little thread to inform you that a couple of users are going around pretending to be myself, Emmet_, and previous staff members of South Central Roleplay. Please deal with caution when you are approached by someone who claims to be under this alias, and ask for proof. To inform all of you, the user is known around San Andreas Multiplayer as Alistar W Hall. A valid thing for proof would be a SA-MP private message. Just throwing this up because I don't want anybody getting scammed by somebody who claims to be, and if a South Central Roleplay opens up within a couple days please be aware that they are impersonators. There is a current SCRP Gaming owned by Brad, and that's the only server who I'm cool with using the name.

Deal with caution

<19:33:46> "Supreme": I am re-opening South Central Roleplay, you interested in helping out? Also, the script your using is my script, so I'd rather have you script for me than here.
<19:36:07> "Vas Hernandez": Hey dude, I'd love to but am not that sort of guy who betrays.
<19:36:32> "Vas Hernandez": I'm already in a project right now and I don't really mind about the script but the owner is a friend of mine.
<19:37:01> "Supreme": If you really have to, you can script for both.
<19:37:12> "Vas Hernandez": I became scripter 4-5 days ago and it's a little bit 'fucked up' leaving like that and acccepting another project.
<19:37:26> "Vas Hernandez": I already refused a paid job mate, I don't really have time for two projects running at once.
<19:37:34> "Supreme": Alright.

Teamspeak convo. Be aware.

For the people trying to impersonate us, stop dick eating either me Risky or Emmet, even Supreme in fact are not planning to open South Central Roleplay or any server in that being, Stop dick eating Alistair for when we denied you two hundred times for staff.

More proof, btw.

[05/01/2016 20:28:17] Supreme: Hi Whelan.
[05/01/2016 20:28:52] Whelan 性交: hello
[05/01/2016 20:29:11] Supreme: I'm re-opening SC:RP, you interested?
[05/01/2016 20:29:26] Whelan 性交: uhm
[05/01/2016 20:29:30] Whelan 性交: dont you play LSRP now?
[05/01/2016 20:29:37] Supreme: nah
[05/01/2016 20:29:51] Whelan 性交: sec
[05/01/2016 20:33:19] Supreme: Imma different Supreme btw
[05/01/2016 20:33:21] Supreme: just to clarify
[05/01/2016 20:33:42] Whelan 性交: what supreme
[05/01/2016 20:34:21] Supreme: ?
[05/01/2016 20:34:29] Whelan 性交: who are u
[05/01/2016 20:34:37] Supreme: alistair

wrong board my friend

loool this is funny af

I told you, this dude is a weirdo.


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