TCAdmin and SAMP

Hello guys I just bought TCAdmin, I have an issue with it, is that when I create a samp server, it only creates it on 0.3z version, I dont have an option or a way to implent 0.3.7, I hope someone has an answer or a fix for this. thank you

most hosting companies dont really follow samp updates so i personally recommend to drop them a support ticket and link them to the direct mirror and ask them to manually update it

In TCAdmin 2.0, you have to create an "Update" package, which is basically everything in the SA-MP server downloadable except:


You ZIP it up (without the above entries) and add it to the TCA.Updates folder (or whatever its called). The TCAdmin forums should have info on how to do this.

Once the package file is built and copied to the right folder, you need to make a new Update available in TCAdmin and point it to the new archive you've just created and moved.

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