Server Restarting Problem

I really need help my server always automic restarting i don't understand what is that problem pls someone help i checked my plugins includes nothing wrong in it after 1 hour or 45 mints server will restart auto can someone help me in it i wanted to fix that thing

Check the Gamemode? If its 1:45 mins exactly. THere might be a Script issue, Plugins issue or your own VPS/Hosting issue.

i don't understand i mean where i can find that 1:45 mins ?

Note the time you start your server and when it restarts note down that time?
With a lil calculation you can get the time it runs.

i started my server on this time [10:22:24] and server restarted at [12:40:40] how can i fix that shit my server us active but this restarting problem not saving players stats so players leaving someone help me in it

see this this restarting auto [14:52:05]

someone tell me my server keep restarting

answer pls anyone help me to solve this problem that restarting probem

1) Dont bump.
2) If its not saving the Data either, It's a Gamemode script issue. Post here:
Or contact your scripter.

actually i don't understand what is that problem compile didn't giving any kind of errors my script is fine but server keep restarting are you sure that is gamemode issue

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