CentOS SA-MP Firewall Problem?

Hello , just installed the server on my new purchased centos.

The problem is :

[10:47:30] Loaded 96 vehicles from: vehicles/red_county.txt
[10:47:30] Total vehicles from files: 1781
[10:47:30] Reading File: blank
[10:47:30] Reading File: properties/houses.txt
[10:47:30] Reading File: properties/businesses.txt
[10:47:30] Reading File: properties/banks.txt
[10:47:30] Reading File: properties/police.txt
[10:47:30] Running Grand Larceny - by the SA-MP team

[10:47:30] ---------------------------------------

[10:47:30] Number of vehicle models: 173
What i've been trying yet:

- I setted the 'bind' on server.cfg with the vds ip.
- tried to add the port 7777 into iptables but i don't know if is working ( i saved it after)

So please , can somebody tell me what should i do ?

THE PROBLEM IS THAT ON SERVER LIST MY SERVER IS NOT ONLINE ?! so i think is a firewall problem?

Ok , i stopped the iptables now is working but my question is without the iptables doesen't that mean everyone can ddos me down ? ...

The CentOS Community has everything you need on the subject.

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