How to save pw on registration?

    if(dialogid == DIALOG_PW)
        if(response) // If they clicked yes
        if(!strlen(inputtext)) return ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, DIALOG_PW, DIALOG_STYLE_INPUT, ""COL_WHITE"Registering...",""COL_RED"You have entered an invalid password.\n"COL_WHITE"Type your password below to register a new account.","Register","Quit");
		ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, DIALOG_SPOL, DIALOG_STYLE_LIST,""COL_WHITE"Spol",""COL_WHITE"Please select the gender of your character.","Male\Female","OK");
        else // Pressed ESC or clicked cancel
        return 1; // We handled a dialog, so return 1. Just like OnPlayerCommandText.
Where here should I add the [pSex] saving and how? Thanks!

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