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Micahakinen is a randomly created group gamers gathered during a long run playing GTA:SA Multiplayer.

Over the years we kept playing togheter different games and grew quite closer, considering ourselves friends, if you want to name it that way.

Although we all have our responsabilities now and we're not teenagers anymore, we still find time to do what we like the most, playing video games.

Recently we've created a teamspeak server here to use it as a voice channel to play a game called Helldivers.

But we've decided we could use the teamspeak server to gather different gamers from different games all over the world who just need a place where they can talk with their teammates or just hangout.

Thats why we're advertising this server.

Feel free to stop by and say hello, if you cant find a channel for your game, create your own! It'll be most likely added to permanent, come and talk with your friends while playing!

See you there.

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Congratulation on your first post. Welcome!

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