Edit every user file in scriptfiles/accounts

How can I edit every userfile located in scriptfiles/accounts from IG using ZCMD?

As example I use this for unbanning players.
	if(!fexist(filestring)) return SendClientMessage(playerid,Lime, "The name you've chosen was not found in our database ");
		new INI:File = INI_Open(filestring);
		INI_SetTag(File, "data");
		INI_WriteInt(File, "Banned",0);
But I don't want to type the name where the Tag must be editted from.
I want to edit EVERY userfile in the accounts folder to be editted with the tag typed.

Can somebody help with that?

i think u need to use a plugin or smthng unless u convert to a database system

The only way possible through PAWN is to create a separate file containing all usernames located in accounts folder.

When all are there, using fread you can do it with one command.

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