Remove you must re-log to save your account

I am using a script at the moment and is really new to scripting(my friend gave it to me) and it says when you join for the first time(You must relog to save your account) does anyone know how to remove this(I know how to use PAWNO etc)

If you using pawno i suggest you to search it from there.

search for the text that you want to remove, in this case it is "Please relog to save your account". When you have found the text you can edit it to say something else or delete it.

for example
pawn Код:
SendClientMessage(playerid, OxFFFFFF,"Please relog to save your account");
// you can either delete the line are edit it to say something else
Also remember to delete anything that has to deal with the line, example defines,varieables etc....

Thats it

It is probably all being saved upon disconnection under the OnPlayerDisconnect callback. It is better to save data when it's changed and not all under OnPlayerDisconnect.

Thanks Everyone

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