San Andreas lights (vehicles, lamp posts etc.)

How are those lights are handled? Is it all moduled inside script.scm or is it a particle model that can be used? Let's say that I wanted to use NRG-500 light for something, is this a model or it's created different way?

Right now I am using model '18656' and it's SAMP's model, which is literally hilarious..

Anyways, I think it is handled from the script of GTA SA, but if I am wrong, then please correct me, I was seeking for it over the internet, trying particles etc. but there's a light texture in particles.txd in models folder. I know it might be just reading how they are supposed to look like but not creating... still, let me know anybody.


Why do you expect anyone to know this?

I don't think it's a model. Remember that lights can be turned on or off by changing the vehicle parameters.
Those are completely separate functions.

Vehicle lights actually light up the surrounding spot where objects don't. I say it's handled within the script.

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