YSF - SendBulletData ?


In kurtas YSF plugin there is the function SendBulletdata i can not get to work.
Can someone pls tell me how to use it and what the parameters do mean?
pawn Код:
native SendBulletData(sender, hitid, hittype, weaponid, Float:fHitOriginX, Float:fHitOriginY, Float:fHitOriginZ, Float:fHitTargetX, Float:fHitTargetY, Float:fHitTargetZ, Float:fCenterOfHitX, Float:fCenterOfHitY, Float:fCenterOfHitZ, forplayerid = -1);
Could someone explain me how to use the function SendBulletData properly?
I just cant get it working.

I have to call it once, for one shot?
So if i want to fire longer i have to set a loop?

What are the parameters for the function and only the playerid that has been set as hitid in the function will take damage?

Please help, i cant figure it out.

thank you

This is per bullet. Make a loop to get it to track all bullets ( I believe ).
It will only do the action on the specific player ID of the function.. Make sure to disable native damage to have this one proper functional.

thx, what do the params: Float:fCenterOfHitX, Float:fCenterOfHitY, Float:fCenterOfHitZ mean?

Where the bullet goes

i suppose this params are for where the bullet goes: Float:fHitTargetX, Float:fHitTargetY, Float:fHitTargetZ

So what does Float:fCenterOfHitX, Float:fCenterOfHitY, Float:fCenterOfHitZ mean?

Can i put same values there like for HitTarget params?

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