Map loading problems.

Hello there SA-MP players/developers.

We have a server, we have put some good mapps into it but we have kinda some problems with the map loading, i dont know wheres the problem, stream rate [ distance ] it's increased, also we have the last version of stream
We had to use SC-RP version 0.20, we updated it kinda alot, but anyway ..

If someone can help me, i really appricate that!

Screen or something?

ScreenShot of it pls thn only we know wats the problem
#4 - Here are screenshots, when I get a little far from map, the map starts disappearing but that's not really a big problem, but look the interiors, they are kinda bugged like peace peace, when you go near of blank peaces then they appear.

use Streamer_TickRate(50);
It will give you some extra power to see.
Also make the distance of those object ( streaming) more.
Also, if you have low ram or CPU in the hosting VPS, upgrade them

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