wtf? error 075 Input line too long.

I'm getting the error

(39978) : error 075: input line too long (after substitutions)
But whats surprising me is the line mentioned in the error is the second last line of my gamemode, and that line has nothing but a bracket, i was working at a event system and i get this error, any line below or above the code is not releated to what i've worked at. Any help?

Oh, and none of my line is so long that would generate this error.

Error line?

It's just a bracket. A closing brace. '{'

Give us the line after and before the error line

If I can't fix this I'll use zeex's compiler patches. Oh well.

Edit' karan the line after and before are too short and they cannot produce the error.
There's no line after it since its the second last line. And the line before is so short and I did not wrote that line now. If you would've read my post ;/

i've tried zeex's pawn compiler patches, doesnt seem to solve this

Could you give us the entire bit of code? Makes it a lot easier to actually try and spot a problem.

nvm solved, used other IDE xD

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