SetPlayerMarkerForPlayer issue

I've never really used SetPlayerMarkerForPlayer, right now i'm trying to make a function so that it hides the player's marker on the radar but the color remains the same, however it works partially. For example, there's 2 players in the cop chase and only one of them has their marker hidden but the other one has it visible for some odd reason.

Here's my code:

pawn Код:
    for(new i = 0; i < MAX_COP_CHASE; i++)
        new player = chaseList[i];
        if(player == INVALID_PLAYER_ID) continue;
        for(new cop = 0; cop < MAX_COP_CHASE; cop++)
            new toPlayer = chaseList[cop];
            if(toPlayer == INVALID_PLAYER_ID) continue;
            if(toPlayer == player) continue;
            SetPlayerMarkerForPlayer(toPlayer, player, (GetPlayerColor(player) & 0xFFFFFF00));
I tried debugging and it printed out everything properly, I've no idea what to do now so if anyone could help I would appreciate it.

Maybe you should also call
PHP код:
SetPlayerMarkerForPlayer(playertoPlayer, ...) 
as this funcion only sets marker color of player A for player B

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