Description: Field 'Ammo1' doesn't have a default value (index 0). Query:

Yesterday, I added 8 field to Navicat, That is 'Ammo1' 'Ammo2' ... 'Ammo8'.
And I login to server, It's OK. No error.
But when someone login account, they enter the password to register. In server_log.txt there appear this error. And the player who want to register is fail. they can't register a new account. Some account already have in mysql before still login in the game.
PHP код:
[10:11:17] [MySQLQuery Error - (ErrorID1364) (Handle1)
10:11:17] [MySQLCheck mysql_log.txt to review the query that threw the error.
10:11:17Dumping query from 2015/12/12 (10:11:17)
DescriptionField 'Ammo1' doesn't have a default value (index 0). Query:
[10:11:17] INSERT INTO `accounts` (`RegiDate`, `LastLogin`, `Username`, `Key`) VALUES (NOW(), NOW(), '

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